Why I Love Aruba, Part I
August 9, 2011
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Happy Tuesday friends! I'm still {very} slowly crawling back into real life. Somethings are not so great about it. Like unpacking my suitcase, for example. It's still sitting fairly full in my entryway. I hate unpacking - and laundry!

Since I'm in slight depression mode, I thought it would be fun to do a list of why I think Aruba is so great anyway. I mean, it's just an island.

But it's not just any island.

A lot of times, people will ask me why we go back to Aruba year after year. There are lots of other places to see. But when it comes to a relaxing, beach vacation, I think Aruba is tops. And here's why:

1. It's One Happy Island. Cheesy? Yep. True? Yep. The island is well manicured and beautiful. As the Lewis Black commercial promises, it's always a nice day. The weather is hot with a gentle breeze, making shade-sitting a glorious experience. It's safe in Aruba (despite the Natalie Holloway incident). The hotels are small, so walking from resort to resort, or around beyond the resorts, is a totally normal and encouraged practice.

2. The early morning beach hours. It's my favorite time of the day. Somehow, I have no problem springing up out of bed at 6AM in Aruba. The beach is quiet and cool. I love getting a coffee, reading the Aruba Daily newspaper and watching the sun come up, enlightening the sand and sea. It's so peaceful, and all is right with the world.

3. The sunset. Just as much as I love the sunrise, I also love the sunset. The beach is once again quiet and cool. Since the sun sets over the ocean, we have the perfect view from the beach (or our balcony). Pink skies mix with the large, orangey sun. I love. It never gets old.

4. The abundance of restaurants & good food. It seems as though there is a never-ending supply in Aruba. One restaurant is better than the next. Food in Aruba can be pricey, that is no doubt. But every meal is absolute deliciousness. My favorite place is an Italian restaurant called Hostaria di Vittoria. We went here 2 nights during the trip. Here's my lasanga bolongese!

5. Being with my family. This isn't necessarily specific to Aruba, I suppose, but it is one place that we all agree is frickin' awesome.


So there you have it. 5 things (of many) that I love about Aruba!

Questions of the day:

What is your favorite place in the world?

Do you like unpacking? Do you unpack right away? Or let it linger?

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