Columbus Day Culinary Outings
October 11, 2009
Rachel in fall eats, festivals

Oh Sunday, so fleeting. For those of you with tomorrow off, rejoice! And others...time to take advantage of this gorgeous autumn Sunday. In between watching the Giants and attending a Bobby Flay cooking demonstration at the New York Wine & Food Festival, I'll be out and about doing some fall taste testing. And if you just need a bite of autumn but with nowhere to go, check out these fun Fall food things!

- Shake Shack's got its last day of Oktoberfest (why ending so early? I'm not sure, but am not happy about it). Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get more decadent, they're serving up cheesy cheddar bratwursts, pumpkin ale, and pumpkin custard.

- Madison Square Park's got craft stands and a mini food fest. For waffles, sliders, tacos, crepes, Swedish meatballs, and some fall treats, check it out from 11AM - 8PM today.

- Just into staying home on the couch with Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs? I don't blame you. Serious Eats is boasting a recipe for irresistible Pumpkin Tea Bread. Since my yearly love affair with pumpkin has officially begun, I may be trying this today as well.

It's a jam-packed day for food...get out there and enjoy!

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